When you are assigned to scrub or to circulate for an operation, you are expected to perform a series of tasks in the manner established by local policy and in the order prescribed.

These tasks begin with the preparation for the surgical procedure and continue until the case is finished and the cleanup of the room is complete.

The tasks are done so as to protect the sterile setup, to prevent fires and explosions, and to expedite the surgical procedure. The underlying purpose of all the tasks is to afford maximum protection to the patient while rendering the best care possible.

Study of the text will enable you to familiarize yourself with the tasks you should perform when assigned to scrub or to circulate for surgery. You will enhance your skill and proficiency in the performance of these tasks by doing them under competent supervision.

Subcourse Components:

This subcourse consists of four lessons and an examination. The lessons are:

Lesson 1. Introduction to the Operating Room

Lesson 2. Cleaning the Operating Room Suite

Lesson 3. Preparation of the Operating Room for Surgery

Lesson 4. Procedures During and Following Surgery

Study Suggestions:

Here are suggestions that may be helpful to you in completing this subcourse:

–Read and study each lesson carefully.

–Complete the subcourse lesson by lesson. After completing each lesson, work the exercises at the end of the lesson, marking your answers in this booklet.

–After completing each set of lesson exercises, compare your answers with those on the solution sheet, which follows the exercises. If you have answered an exercise incorrectly, check the reference cited after the answer on the solution sheet to determine why your response was not the correct one.

–As you successfully complete each lesson, go on to the next. When you have completed all of the lessons, complete the examination.

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