Clinical Problems

These brief videos consider individual clinical issues.

They have been produced using the best practices for how students learn best off screens, and consequently are effective and efficient learning tools.

Normal and Abnormal Bleeding Video

Fixing Birth Control Pill Problems

Emergency Contraception


Non-Dysplastic Abnormal Pap Smears

Avoiding Bladder Infections


Breast Disorders

Cervical Disease and Neoplasia

Uterine Leiomyomas

Adnexal Masses

Induced Abortion

Spontaneous Abortion

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Ectopic Pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia

Second and Third Trimester Bleeding

Medical Problems in Pregnancy: Anemia

Medical Problems in Pregnancy: Renal Disease

Medical Problems in Pregnancy: Diabetes

Medical Problems in Pregnancy: Pulmonary Disease

 Medical Problems in Pregnancy: Thyroid Disease

Postpartum Care

Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence


Mood Disorders

Endometriosis Video

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Medical and Nursing Professional Education