Contraception and Family Planning

These materials support professional training in contraceptive knowledge and practice.

Each may be used to enrich the professionals understanding, or can be downloaded to provide for patient education.

5-Minute IUD Video

  • This 5-minute video demonstrates how to insert and remove intrauterine devices (IUDs) for contraception. Several IUDs are shown on live patients and models for illustration purposes.

5-Minute Diaphragm Fitting Video

  • This 5-minute video demonstrates how to fit a contraceptive diaphragm, using pelvic examination, bimanual exam, estimating diaphragm size with the index finger, and adjusting the size with fitting rings.

An actual fitting is shown, with the patient demonstrating her ability to insert, withdraw and check the position of the diaphragm.

Using a Contraceptive Diaphragm Video

  • This 5-minute video shows women how to use a contraceptive diaphragm. It explains how the diaphragm will work, and the use of spermicide.

Using both models and actual patients, the video demonstrates insertion techniques while standing or reclining. After removal, cleaning of the diaphragm is shown.

Using Contraceptive Film

  • Contraceptive film is a very good method of contraception, yielding as high as 95% effectiveness, when used carefully and consistently.

This video demonstrates the proper use of this technique through video graphics, models, and live patients.

Also considered are typical use statistics, timing issues and potential side-effects.

Runtime: 4 minutes 35 seconds

Using Contraceptive Foam

  • This 5-minute video demonstrates the use of contraceptive in an actual patient, from the loading of the applicator to the insertion.

Effectiveness and possible side-effects are discussed, and the complexities of second use, post-coital douching, and additional methods to boost effectiveness are considered.

Using the Contraceptive Sponge

  • The contraceptive sponge is a very good method of birth control.

This 5-minute video demonstrates the use of the sponge, using models, computer graphics, and live patients.

Success rates, potential side-effects, and complications are discussed.

Using a Condom

  • Condoms provide very good contraception and excellent protection against some sexually transmitted diseases. Inexpensive and simple to apply, this method is demonstrated on the video, including techniques that increase its effectiveness.

Runtime: 4 minutes 52 seconds.

OB-GYN 101

  • This product serves as an introductory textbook for medical students, nursing students, and other medical personnel in basic health care for women. A collection of text, photographs and video clips, the product follows standard learning objectives, and includes instruction on performing gynecology and obstetrical exams, delivery of a baby, and diagnosis and treatment of common gynecologic illnesses.

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