The Brookside Associates maintain a number of medical and nursing education websites. Among them are these:

Nursing 411

  • While hands-on training by dedicated, knowledgeable instructors is undoubtedly the best way to learn and maintain nursing skills, such training is not always easily accessible, convenient, or even available. Distance learning, through the internet, is always available and can be very useful for both primary and refresher training.

OBGYN Skills Lab

  • These mostly 5-minute videos will strengthen understanding of many basic procedures, and prepare students for performing these procedures.

Operational Medicine

  • Operational Medicine is the healthcare provided in unconventional settings where important resources may be significantly restricted. These resources could include limited supplies, expertise, time, location, or climate extremes. This website includes text, textbooks, images, videos and manuals designed to assist those providing care in wilderness, emergency, military, disaster and travel settings.

OBGYN Morning Rounds

  • A complete simulation of a training course in introductory obstetrics and gynecology for medical, nursing, and allied health professional students.

Gray Haired OBGYN

  • My collection of multimedia lectures, videos, images, podcasts and other teaching material, which I’ve used through the years.

Gray Haired OBGYN Notes

  • Podcasts involving introductory OBGYN issues, available through iTunes.

Military OBGYN

  • Women’s healthcare in military or isolated settings is uniquely challenging. While based on the same fundamental scientific and medical principles as healthcare in conventional settings, it may be modified, sometimes substantially modified, to account for limited resources, tactical circumstances, or environmental realities.


  • This resource makes learning about women’s healthcare simple and efficient. Loaded with text and images, you can access it as a textbook, looking up important topics, or go directly to the “Learning Objectives” to quickly get up to speed.

The Reluctant Forester

  • Dr. Hughey’s ongoing engagement with a forest. This has little to do with medicine and a great deal to do with life balance and perspective. Join him in his journey. Listen to the birds, and the wind rustling through the trees.

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Medical and Nursing Professional Education