Emergency Procedures

Medical and surgical emergencies sometimes require an immediate response.

These videos demonstrate some of those potential responses.

Applying a Plaster Cast

Aspirate a Knee

Nasogastric Tube


Reduce a Dislocated Shoulder

 Transport a Patient on an Improvised Litter

Basic Suturing in the Emergency Room

Catheterization of the Male and Female

Common Acute Traumatic Disorders of the Hand

Eye Treatments

Female Catheterization

How to Suture a Wound

Insert a Chest Tube

Insert an Oropharyngeal Airway

Intramuscular Injection

Peritoneal Lavage

Retrograde Tracheal Intubation

Subcutaneous Injection

TB Skin Testing

Use an Autoinjector

Venus Cutdown

Wound Debridement

Basic Shock and Resuscitation

Burns of the Hands

Burns: Thermal, Dry Chemical, Electrical, and Inhalation

Chemical Burns of the Eye

Dry Chemical Burns

Electrical Burns

Extremity Hemorrhage Control

Inhalation Burns

Initiate an Intravenous Infusion

Manage a Traumatic Amputation

Management and Initial Treatment of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Burns

Needle Thoracentesis to Treat a Tension Pneumothorax

PASG (Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment)

Starting an IV in a Field Environment

Thermal Burns

Treat an Open Chest Wound

Treat Eye Injuries

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