Doctor Hughey
Doctor Hughey

This course is designed for students of the health sciences and consists of 11 lessons:


Tissues of the Body

Integumentary and Fascial Systems

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Digestive System

Respiratory System and Breathing

Urogenital Systems

Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

Endocrine Systems

Nervous System Part A

Nervous System Part B

Each lesson includes a:

Video Lecture (playable and downloadable)

Audio Lecture (MP3 for listening or downloading and later listening)

Multimedia Interactive Study Guide (for eight of the lessons)

Lecture Notes for Review

Image Gallery, containing all the anatomic images featured in the lectures, plus additional related images

This material can be completed on-line, and is freely available to anyone interested in taking this course. No registration is necessary. Official credit for this course is not available…the course is provided for individual learning, not certification.


Each lesson varies in length, but I estimate it will take about 26 hours of study time to complete the entire course. I recommend starting at the beginning and moving sequentially through the lessons in order. The material will make more sense to you that way.

Video Lectures

The video lectures are presented using the best techniques for efficient learning. I promise not to waste your time. But efficiency also means that you will be totally focused on the lecture and not distracted. In this way, you can complete and retain the information more quickly. For more information on these efficiency techniques, see “About”.

Lecture Notes

These pdf files contain a full transcript of the video and audio lectures, plus embedded graphics from the lesson.

Study Guides

One major part of learning anatomy is becoming accustomed to many new words and structures. To help you in remembering the names of these structures, I’ve provided a study guide for most of the lessons.

Best wishes with this course,

Dr. Hughey


An Introductory Course for Health Profession Students