This subcourse will provide you with a basic understanding of the skills and knowledge required in order to administer injections.

You can use this subcourse to refresh your skills or to learn background information. Successful completion of this subcourse will NOT qualify you to administer injections. You MUST be trained under the supervision of a person who is qualified to instruct you in these processes, supervise your hands-on practice, and evaluate your skills and abilities.

Subcourse Components:

This subcourse consists of three lessons.

Lesson 1: Preparation and Administration of Medications.

Lesson 2: Procedures for Administering the Three Types of Injections.

Lesson 3: Immunizations.

Study Suggestions:

Here are some suggestions that may be helpful to you in completing this subcourse:

Read and study each lesson carefully.

Complete the subcourse lesson by lesson. After completing each lesson, work the exercises at the end of the lesson.

After completing each set of lesson Self-Tests, compare your answers with those at the bottom of the Self-Test page. If you have answered a question incorrectly, check the reference cited after the answer on the solution sheet to determine why your response was not the correct one.

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