This Distance Learning Course, Obstetric and Newborn Care II, is a continuation of the Distance Learning Course,  Obstetric and Newborn Care I.

This course will further explain the many physiological and psychological changes that a woman may experience throughout her pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and the period after delivery.

The practical nurse, along with other members of the nursing staff, have a great responsibility of teaching and providing quality nursing care for the health and well-being of the mother and the newborn.


This course consists of 11 lessons and a glossary. The lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1: Complications of Pregnancy.

Lesson 2: Stages of Labor and Nursing Care.

Lesson 3: Precipitate and Emergency Delivery.

Lesson 4: Management of Obstetric Discomfort During Labor.

Lesson 5: Special Situations in Labor and Delivery.

Lesson 6: The Postpartal Patient.

Lesson 7: Characteristics of the Typical Newborn Infant.

Lesson 8: Care of the Normal Newborn Infant.

Lesson 9: Newborn Nutrition.

Lesson 10: The Premature Infant.

Lesson 11: The Sick Neonate.


At the end of each Lesson is a Self-Test. These tests are for your own use and will not be recorded. Take as long as you like and feel free to look up any answers.


Visual images play an important role in your understanding of this material. In the Image Gallery, we’ve gathered all of the images from this course.

Image Gallery

Videos can provide insights in ways not possible with words and pictures alone. In the Video section, we’ve collected a number of videos that will enhance your understanding of this material


The Print Version is a downloadable pdf file that you may print, if you wish. It is the original U.S. Army Correspondence Course upon which this Brookside Associates Distance Learning Course was based.

Print Version

Study Suggestions:

Here are some suggestions that may be helpful to you in completing this course:

Read and study each lesson carefully.

Complete the subcourse lesson by lesson. After completing each lesson, take the Self-Test at the end of the lesson.

After completing each Self-Test, compare your answers with those at the bottom of the Self-Test page. If you have answered an exercise incorrectly, check the reference cited after the answer on the solution sheet to determine why your response was not the correct one.

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