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I built Nursing411.org in 2008 to provide high quality, free education and training to nurses and those preparing for this profession.

Nursing411.org  attracts thousands of visitors each day and remains an important desktop learning tool.

In 2015, I decided to restructure the website, improving it in content and accessibility. In the last 7 years, the mobile audience has grown to just over half the users. While the old site works fine on desktops, there were a number of problems with it when used on tablets and cell phones:

  • It is awkward to use, requiring a lot of scrolling.
  • It has tiny, nearly unreadable print.
  • In many cases, the links are too close together for touch screens
  • Flash video doesn’t work at all in most mobile settings.

Nursing411.org still works fine in a desktop environment, but I needed to modify it for mobile use. I considered a number of ways to accomplish this, but in the end, it was simplest and best to build a new site.

So I built the new Nursing 411 site, designed from the ground up for mobile users.

While there is much overlap in content, the structure of the two sites is very different, in both visible and invisible ways. I hope you like it.

Nursing Wings
Nursing Wings

These Nursing411 wings incorporate the white heart of international nursing with the golden wings of an angel, symbolizing Nursing’s selfless dedication to the service of mankind.

This production would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Robert Hughey, who served as a Site Developer and Marketing Coordinator with Nursing411.org and continues to consult with the new Nursing 411.

Robert Hughey
Robert Hughey

An important way to insure improvement of the nursing and medical education process is through feedback. Feedback may be positive, negative, or neither. It may be lengthy or brief. It may be limited or grand in scope. I consider all these thoughts seriously and will make good use of them in revising the material.

I’m proud to be able to provide free access to this wealth of distance learning material through the Nursing 411 website.

Michael John Hughey, MD


Dr Hughey
Dr Hughey


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