Endocervical Cells


The presence of endocervical cells on a Pap smear is an indication that the smear included sampling of the cervical canal and, by inference, the squamo-columnar junction. If endocervical cells are not seen, it may mean:

  • You did not sample high enough in the cervical canal.

  • Your sampling was fine, but the cytologist didn't recognize the cells.

Some physicians feel that any Pap without endocervical cells should be repeated. However, studies have demonstrated that Paps without endocervical cells are still very effective in detecting abnormalities.

Pap smears obtained at a 6-week postpartum visit often do not have endocervical cells present.

If your Pap smears consistently show "no endocervical cells," you may wish to review your basic Pap smear technique to be sure you are taking a high enough sample.


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